Testimonial: Vicki & Alwyn

Vicky & Alywin

If 5 stars is full mark, we would give 10 stars to Lesley, she is warm-heart, approachable and passionate.
We contacted Lesley due to her one wedding per day policy plus her donation to charity from earnings.Lesley gave us clear direction and provided a step by step process to assist us. We felt secure and confident after meeting Lesley. On the Wedding Day, Lesley was punctual & professional our Ceremony was on point with our request plus it was fun and entertaining.
We definitely recommend Lesley!

Testimonial: Mike & Nafeesa

Mike & Nafeesa

Lesley was an amazing celebrant, she was everything we were looking for she helped put together our perfect ceremony moving and impactful. Thank you Lesley for making it just so perfect.

Testimonial: Peter & Brenda

Peter and Brenda

We found Lesley to be a wonderful celebrant, extremely engaging and intuitive in all preparations and delivery of our wonderful wedding. Lesley always made us feel relaxed and nothing was a problem, we would both strongly recommend Lesley.

Testimonial: Matthew & Anna

Anna and Matthew

We were looking for someone light hearted, not too old fashioned and open minded to be the celebrant at our simple wedding amongst the trees in Cornwall Park.
Lesley was fantastic; she is professional, efficient and fun. She did an outstanding job in making our day simple and touching but she still made sure that the seriousness of the moment was woven into the ceremony. She had a clear understanding of what we wanted from this moment in time and did not fail to deliver!

Testimonial: Dieter & Kim

Kim & Dieter

Right from the start Lesley put us at ease with her warm, friendly and welcoming manner. She guided us in planning a unique ceremony that exceeded all our expectations. The day ran smoothly and Lesley made all our guests feel welcome and included. Without a doubt the best day of our lives. Lesley, we cannot thank you enough.

Testimonial: Oliver & Soyoung


We loved the process of preparing for the ceremony with Lesley. She listened carefully and ran the ceremony we wished. Lesley incorporated humour but was still formal and intimate.

Testimonial: Logan & Stacey

Logan and Stacey

We were thoroughly at ease from the first meeting and had total confidence in Lesley as our celebrant. The ceremony was exactly what we had wanted and it was so personal to us. Lesley did an amazing job of capturing us and making our day magic. Thank you!

Testimonial: TJ & Tennille

TJ & Tennille

It was second time for both of us to marry and we had decided our wedding was not solely about the 2 of us, but more about the joining together as a blended family of 9. Lesley worked with us on incorporating our 7 children as part of the ceremony to make them feel secure, special and loved. It was an amazing day, Lesley was fantastic!

Testimonial: Jonas & Ann-Sophie


We are a Swedish couple, our dream was to marry in New Zealand by a river, and 15 years later our dream came true.  We are so thrilled to have chosen Lesley as our Celebrant, she went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and special, unbeknown to us Lesley dressed the area of the ceremony with bows and petals, the ceremony was everything we envisioned, Lesley also gave us a couple of kiwiana gifts, to remember our  Magical day  in New Zealand.

Testimonial: Lou & Alexa

Lou & Alexa

Lesley was an incredibly friendly and open celebrant, she prepared an amazing ceremony for the day, built around our journey of love, it was very special and way more than we ever imagined, As a young couple Lesley also took the time to help us prepare for the future, by helping us gain insight into personality types, power of personal values, and the five languages of love, it was a fun and informal way to learn valuable life skills.