Izzy & Ben

We are from the UK and reached out to a number of celebrants in the Auckland area. Lesley stood out from the others with her friendly and personal approach. Lesley instinctively understood us and exactly what we wanted from a small intimate wedding. On the day itself we simply couldn’t have imagined sharing our wedding with anyone else, we truly are so grateful for everything she did to make our wedding so perfect

Janelle & Neil

Lesley was our Marriage Celebrant on our special day in January of this year. Lesley is engaging, kind, relaxed and friendly. She was there for us every step of the way and made the process really easy for us. We had a simple small wedding but that was stressful enough especially around the New Year period! I would recommend Lesley to anyone looking for a Celebrant. She will nurture the process with you from start to finish, taking all of the stress out of the ceremony planning.

Testimonial: Greer & Ben


Lesley thank you so much for marrying Ben and I. The ceremony was perfect, we worked as such a great team. Thank for your support, and making our ceremony special and unique to us.

Testimonial: Karina & Victor


We had such a positive experience with Lesley. Lesley was very planned and prepared, easy to communicate and always available.
We felt Lesley was very authentic and genuine and loved the time she took to get to know us. Victor and Karina

Testimonial: Tash & Sean

Sean and Tash

Lesley was an absolute dream to work with from the start. She made us feel comfortable with the whole process and fit so nicely into our small intimate wedding. The way she personalised the ceremony to fit our story was incredible, she made our day even more special and memorable.
Exceptional service from Lesley, she exceeded all of our expectations!

Testimonial: Nicola & Robert

robert and nicola

Lesley was very flexible and met with us multiple times to develop a personalised ceremony especially for us as a couple
She has a bright energetic personality, and is relevant and current which was what we were looking for in a celebrant.
Our friends and family thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony they found it engaging and captivating. Thank you Lesley!

Testimonial: Alexa & Tony

alexa and tony

We chose Lesley because we appreciated her inclusive philosophy and her desire to work with young couples like ourselves. As soon as we met her, we were struck by her warm and friendly nature. Lesley’s experience was so valuable, as she was able to make suggestions and recommendations for the ceremony that we hadn’t even considered! We loved how she gave us the opportunity to discuss and change the ceremony and vows to suit us best. Despite a dramatic day, where a last minute venue change meant Lesley had to dash across Auckland to get to the new location, she was incredibly calm and collected. She gave us a beautiful ceremony and we are so glad she was part of our special day.”
Thank you so much again for everything you have done for us- what a journey!
I will recommend you to everyone we know who gets engaged 🙂

Testimonial: Joanna & Stan


Lesley, thank you so much for being our wedding celebrant! You were responsive, helpful, calm and so reliable which is everything you need in a celebrant, when trying to bring everything together for the special day! We chose you because we felt so comfortable with you and love that you give back to the community too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💙 – Love, The Shyulyweds

Testimonial: Vicki & Alwyn

Vicky & Alywin

If 5 stars is full mark, we would give 10 stars to Lesley, she is warm-heart, approachable and passionate.
We contacted Lesley due to her one wedding per day policy plus her donation to charity from earnings.Lesley gave us clear direction and provided a step by step process to assist us. We felt secure and confident after meeting Lesley. On the Wedding Day, Lesley was punctual & professional our Ceremony was on point with our request plus it was fun and entertaining.
We definitely recommend Lesley!

Testimonial: Mike & Nafeesa

Mike & Nafeesa

Lesley was an amazing celebrant, she was everything we were looking for she helped put together our perfect ceremony moving and impactful. Thank you Lesley for making it just so perfect.